Therapy and the Church by: Kaitlyn Thompson, LMSW

I have had such a great response to my latest blog post, I can’t control the Church, I decided to forgo my previously scheduled blog for today and share a related blog post written by my friend, Kaitlyn Thompson, LMSW. Kaitlyn is a fellow Christian, fellow police wife, and fellow social worker. As such, she and I share many of the same sentiments which is why I would like to highlight her blog today!

Kaitlyn is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and she is currently in the process of obtaining her clinical social work license, LCSW. She currently works at Cultivating Changes LLC, a local private counseling practice. Through her private practice, she writes a blog to bring awareness and knowledge regarding relevant mental health issues. This specific blog post shines a light on the controversial topic of therapy and the church. It is an honest and open post regarding the struggles Christian’s face when dealing with emotional distress or mental illness. I hope it resonates with all of you as much as it did with me. You can read Kaitlyn’s blog, Therapy and the Church by clicking on the title. If you like what you read, consider following Kaitlyn’s blog! Stay tuned for my next blog post titled, I Can’t Control What Other People Say. It won’t disappoint. Have a great weekend everyone!

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